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Re: Ajaxy Exception Catching


But why just for exceptions in wsgi apps? I'd like ALL my Python interaction to work like that! The web browser is the new tty. This is what the Python interactive interpreter should look like.

Comment on Ajaxy Exception Catching
by Oren Tirosh


pdb is like this, but a bunch of other stuff. Personally I think this part (inspecting frames) is the most interesting part, and pdb is complex enough that it's not easy to use it just for this. Also inspecting frames is relatively easy (from a programming point of view). This is definitely something inside the scope of, say, ipython. WinPDB looks more accessible, though.

# Ian Bicking

I'm not talking about yet another python-interactive-interpreter-in-a-GUI-window. Dynamic HTML is text taken to the next step in its evolution. Imagine typing an expression at the familiar '>>>' prompt and getting an active explorable HTML representation of the resulting object. The text content of the HTML would be exactly the same as the standard repr - but it's alive.

# Oren T