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Okay, now that sounds exciting! Mmmmm... what could we do with this?

Comment on WPHP
by Michael Chermside


Got an existing WSGI project, and want to quickly add a forum or other existing PHP software (perhaps a bespoke application that you want to replace over time with a python one)?

Use this code with an existing WSGI dispatcher to let PHP handle part of your site. Even more excitingly, you could rewrite the PHP application to generate basic HTML (or XML) through its template system, then have your WSGI templating system producing the output for both PHP and python applications. A WSGI middleware application would be also able to do single sign-on for both sets of applications...

Heck, you could even wrap a Rails application.

All in all, a very good way of being able to add functionality to existing web applications, without having to touch any of its code. Good work, Ian!

# Jeremy